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About Me

Like I said, you can call me BG. Some people call me bug because it's a bit faster to say out loud I guess. I think it's cute anyway.

I want to be pretty anonymous on here because part of the reason I made my own site in the first place is to escape the way social media increasingly forces you to tie your identity to your online presence.

That being said, this site is probably going to be full of things I'm interested in so to give you an idea, here are a few of those things:

  • disability and accessibility
  • cooking and baking
  • music and making music, especially punk and folk, especially diy
  • DC comics, particularly from the '90s and '00s but also some modern ones I follow
  • Some film/tv stuff
  • sewing, both normal clothes and costumes

And lots more stuff but I'm not sure how much of it will show up here.